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The paradigm shift of the last century in the dwelling culture and the way we inhabit space, along with the advancement in the engineering technology, has led the urban civilization to a proliferation of tall buildings, which, notwithsta20nding the ongoing debates on their economic and functional feasibility, have already become an epitome of city life with socio-cultural importance.

Today, there is no denying that the quality of these large towers plays a significant part in defining our living condition in the city. East Asia has been the site of rapid construction of skyscrapers necessitated by high population density, fueled by economic growth. The megalopolises in this region such as Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing are proud of their long history and cultural heritages in addition to their economic vitality. While their landscapes are adorned with old palaces and traditional gardens, their skylines are magnificently composed by skyscrapers. Despite the tall buildings having become the symbol of economic prosperity and technological advancement, concern for preservation of the cultural and historical heritage represented by the traditional buildings and places has grown. Conservation of natural environment in addition to safety issues of tall buildings, particularly in the wake of the 9-11 tragedy, is currently being addressed on a global scale.

This conference will examine the conceptual, historical, and technological conditions of today's tall buildings, review the advancements in related theories and practices, and suggest an outline of future developments with an emphasis on culture and technology for sustainable cities. Scholars, professionals and stakeholders are cordially invited to participate in this meaningful event.